Misconception of Healthy Foods

They say, what you eat reflects your personality. This has been the saying that’s commonly being subjected to people who eat a lot and is perceived to be true. However, there are cases wherein a person is health conscious but then carries an unhealthy body. Some of them are overweight, some are malnourished. Nutritionists believe that these cases are due to the misconception of healthy foods.


Some people believe that the foods they are eating are healthy. But then the foods that they thought are healthy brought them diseases. This is the reason why it is very important that people should know the foods that are healthy and unhealthy to eat.

Healthy foods

Are you bombarded by what nutrition experts means “eating healthy?” The Department of Health keep on advertising that nutritious foods include fruits, vegetables, and foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates. This may sound simple but which fruit and vegetable? What are the right combinations of foods? Combinations in the food pyramid are the best source of information you can review in finding the perfect combination of food. Remember the Go, Grow, and Glow pyramid? In determining if the food is healthy or not, doing some researches is the best step or you can ask nutritionist for you to get the right combinations of food.

Kids must eat low fat or fat free food to stay healthy

Kids must eat low fat or fat free food to stay healthy

Unhealthy foods

Foods from fast-food chains are found to be unhealthy. Usually, these foods are deep fried and are rich with oils that are bad for the health. Check your breakfast cereal. Even if some companies claim they produced “all natural” breakfast cereal, in some cases, not all of the ingredients used are natural contrary to what their marketing implies. Sports drinks are said to be effective in energizing human body but according to the new study in the journal General Dentistry, sports drinks give the human body large amount of sugar, salt, and artificial food coloring which are bad for the health. Moreover, the study also discovered that sports and energy drinks may lead to serious tooth enamel damage and decay. Some advertising promoting yogurt intake states that this product is a digestive-health aid. Advertisers say that yogurt helps achieve fast metabolism. But then it has been a misconception because some of the ingredients used are processed ingredients.

Final words

Food may be easy to pronounce but choosing healthy food is a little complicated. To maintain a healthy living, we must be aware of the right choices in selecting the food even if the food looks very delicious and smells so yummy. Choosing the food to eat is not an easy task. It is even made more difficult because of the advertisements shown on televisions and aired over the radio. If fed up by the choices, you can always go for foods that are not artificial. Natural foods are not complicated and 100 percent healthy. Natural foods are the right choice for a healthy life because these have no preservatives; no side effects and the nutrition are intact.

choosing healthy food is a little complicated.

choosing healthy food is a little complicated.

3 Common Warnings Your Child Is A Financial Ruin In The Future

If you’re a parent, you should be able to teach your child in small ways hot to properly use their money wisely. But if you yourself is indebt up to the neck with credit cards with no personal savings to back you up, it would be plain and clear that you do not have any idea on how to train your child more so they would the future you when they grow up. It may sound unfair to your child if they are being judged by the works of their parents but of course their attitude in life is by one factor depends on how you train them.

Giving allowance without them earning it. Spoiling your child withjust to make them happy is a lose-lose situation. Children who are handed money easily don’t really know its real value. They are likely to splurge in the future on whatever they want and don’t know how to use it wisely. Most often, parents give a whole allowance to their children without really checking if they’ve done their chores or assignments. This makes the child lazy and will work as little as possible but demands a bigger reward.

Dream comes to fruition for childless couple

Dream comes to fruition for childless couple

Spending more than what you earn. If you have a habit on a constant shopping spree even it is way beyond your budget and you also let your child pick whatever they want in a mall, you’re not teaching them the importance of saving. Your child might imitate and may continue to live their lives according to the lifestyle they’ve grown up with even when they lack the financial capability to support themselves with such luxuries. This will be the start of a one over the other debts that your child might get into if they are not properly trained the value of money.

They don’t know what a bank is. As early as possible, children must know the importance of saving. If you are not training your child how to save on piggy banks then they wouldn’t have any idea what’s saving for. If savings is not on top of your priority this would influence the attitude of your child in the future. They will think that every money gained is there for them to spend. And that money is always there and that everyone has it. Thus, they will become your future financial disaster.

young parrent at home with beautiful child make savings and put coins money in piggy bank

young parrent at home with beautiful child make savings and put coins money in piggy bank

What your children become is more of what they have grown up with. Being a role model to your kids can save them to be a financial disaster in the future. Kids must learn the true value of money. Apparently, they choose to follow what you do than what you say. If your actions speak of splurging and shopping every now and then, more likely they would grow up to be just like you. Trim down your spending on important things. Let them see that you are saving for the future. With this, you can be assured that they would thrive and survive with the real world in the future.

3 Questions You Need to Answer to Know Your Target Market

Selling your products and/or services takes more than just selling. Research has to be done in order to know what your products can do, for whom they will be, and where they are located. Let’s say you are selling a cookie cutter because you found out you know a supplier who can give it to you at a good price. When you sell it, you have a fairly good chance of earning. How can you know? You ask pertinent questions to help guide you to the answers you need.

What are the benefits of my products/services?

You have to know what benefits your products can give. The features are different from benefits. You draw the benefits from the features and it is the features that sell. So, for example, with a cookie cutter, the feature could be ‘made of aluminum, thus, will not rust’ and the benefit could be ‘your dough will not be contaminated with rust so the cookie is safe to eat.’ Think of as many benefits your products or services can have. Thinking of its features will help you think of the benefits. When you see a feature, ask yourself, “So what?” It’s made of aluminum. So what? It’s cheap. So what? Its fits in your pocket. So what? It’s magnetized. So what?

You can't market to all customers, target marketing is key!

You can’t market to all customers, target marketing is key!

Who will benefit from my offer?

Who are the people who will most likely be interested with your products or services? Back to the cookie cutter, who cuts cookies? Bakers? Mothers who bake? Baking schools? Others stores selling baking supplies, utensils and equipment? People who wanted to gift someone who is into baking? Knowing who will benefit streamlines your target. You just do not sell to a traffic police unless you found out he is also baking cookies.

Where are they located?

Now you have to know where those people are so that you can make up a plan on how to reach them. It is no use knowing who will benefit but unless you can get their attention to buy what you have to offer, you are stuck with no sale. Are they just nearby? Are they across town? Knowing how near or far, or what scope of area you are willing to serve your products or services to, the better you will be able to plan for your selling tactics.

In selling products or services, you have to identify what benefits you can offer, to whom you can offer, and identify where the customers/clients are located, so that you can plan how to reach them with your offers. Knowing these, you can further decide whether to pursue with the business or not, or have a limited scope for the time being, then later upgrade as the demand gets higher.

Sales methods differ for products and services.

Sales methods differ for products and services.